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Mission and Vision


To empower not just the cafe owners but also the consumers, we conduct coffee courses by Barista Guild Asia designed for coffee consumers looking to kickstart their journey, coffee professionals looking to refine their skills and take their knowledge to a greater level, as well as entrepreneurs and cafe owners seeking to grow their business.


To consistently provide the ease and convenience of getting freshly roasted and high quality coffee beans to the coffee community within Malaysia, meeting the growing demand of the local cafe scene and coffee consumers.


Provide advices, consultation service and after sales support to our wholesale partner. We strongly believe in collaboration over competition, always supporting each other while growing together.


To build and develop the career path for local baristas and coffee professionals alike within our industry. Just like all other jobs out there, coffee too can be a career.


To always empty our cup, continuously learn and get the latest information from the industry experts, ensuring that the team is well-equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge through reading, joining conferences and exhibitions, participating in competitions and more.

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